What strict dietary and lifestyle regimen do sumo wrestlers follow to maintain their physique?

Sumo wrestlers adhere to a strict dietary and lifestyle regimen to attain and sustain their robust physiques, which are essential for success in the sport. Their regimen is designed to promote weight gain and muscle development while accommodating the unique demands of their intense training.

Diet plays a pivotal role in a sumo wrestler's regimen. They consume an enormous amount of food, often in two large meals a day, known as "chanko-nabe." This traditional stew is rich in proteins, including fish, chicken, and tofu, and is laden with vegetables, noodles, and rice. The calorie-dense nature of chanko-nabe helps wrestlers consume a substantial number of calories to support their size and training needs. Apart from meals, they may snack on protein-rich foods and drink high-calorie beverages to further increase calorie intake.

Portions are large, but eating speed is controlled to encourage mindful consumption and minimize overeating. Sumo wrestlers often avoid breakfast to allow their bodies to stay in a calorie-surplus state for most of the day.

Their lifestyle is tailored to support weight gain and strength. Sumo wrestlers engage in rigorous daily training, which includes hours of practice in the dohyƍ (sumo ring), weightlifting, and cardiovascular exercises. After training, they usually take long naps to aid digestion and promote muscle recovery.

Despite their focus on calorie intake, sumo wrestlers prioritize nutrient-rich foods to ensure overall health. While they consume high-calorie meals, there is an emphasis on balancing the diet with vegetables, fruits, and other essential nutrients to minimize the risk of obesity-related health issues. 

What strict dietary and lifestyle regimen do sumo wrestlers follow to maintain their physique?
It's important to note that the strict regimen followed by sumo wrestlers is unique to their sport and training requirements. Their objective is to attain a particular physique that is optimal for sumo wrestling performance. Outside of their competitive careers, many wrestlers modify their lifestyles to achieve healthier weights and lifestyles.

In conclusion, sumo wrestlers adhere to a carefully crafted dietary and lifestyle regimen that involves consuming calorie-dense meals, engaging in intense training, and emphasizing nutrient-rich foods. This regimen supports their goal of maintaining the robust physiques necessary for success in the demanding sport of sumo wrestling.

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