How does a fighter win by submission in mixed martial arts (MMA)?

In mixed martial arts (MMA), a fighter can win by submission when they force their opponent to submit by applying a joint lock or a chokehold, resulting in the opponent being in too much pain or danger to continue the fight. Submissions are a fundamental aspect of MMA strategy, allowing fighters to exploit their opponent's weaknesses and control the outcome of the match.

There are several types of submissions in MMA:

Joint Locks: These involve hyperextending or hyper-rotating an opponent's joint, typically the elbow, shoulder, or knee. Common joint locks include armlocks, kimura locks, and leglocks. When the fighter applies the lock, pressure is exerted on the joint, causing pain and potential injury. If the opponent cannot escape or endure the pain, they may verbally or physically submit by tapping their opponent, the mat, or their own body.

Chokeholds: Chokes target the opponent's neck and airway, cutting off blood flow to the brain or restricting their ability to breathe. Rear-naked chokes, guillotine chokes, and triangle chokes are examples of effective chokeholds. When a fighter locks in a chokehold, they use their arms, legs, or both to apply pressure on the neck. The opponent's oxygen supply is diminished, and they may lose consciousness or face serious injury if they don't submit in time.

Strangleholds: Similar to chokeholds, strangleholds focus on restricting blood flow to the brain. These include techniques like the Brabo choke and the D'Arce choke. Fighters manipulate their positioning and leverage to compress the opponent's blood vessels and induce discomfort or unconsciousness.

How does a fighter win by submission in mixed martial arts (MMA)?
A fighter signals their submission by tapping the mat, their opponent, or themselves with their hand. The referee, responsible for ensuring the fighters' safety, immediately intervenes once the tap is observed, stopping the fight and declaring the submission victory for the fighter who applied the hold. 

Submission victories highlight a fighter's skill in grappling, technique, and strategic thinking. A well-executed submission can quickly end a fight, showcasing the versatility and complexity of MMA as both a striking and grappling sport.

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