Who was the first player to hit 700 home runs in MLB history?

As of my last update in September 2021, Babe Ruth was the first player to hit 700 home runs in Major League Baseball (MLB) history. Babe Ruth, also known as "The Sultan of Swat" and "The Bambino," is widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball players of all time and a true icon of the sport.

Ruth's remarkable power and ability to hit home runs revolutionized the game of baseball. He played primarily for the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees during his career, which spanned from 1914 to 1935

Babe Ruth's journey to becoming the first player to reach 700 home runs began when he was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. However, it was his transition to an everyday outfielder and hitter with the New York Yankees that cemented his legacy as a home run king.

Ruth's pursuit of the home run record started gaining attention in the early 1920s when he consistently led the league in home runs. In 1927, he set a then-record of 60 home runs in a single season, a mark that stood for 34 years until Roger Maris broke it in 1961.

Who was the first player to hit 700 home runs in MLB history?
On July 13, 1934, playing for the Boston Braves (formerly known as the Boston Red Sox), Babe Ruth achieved the historic milestone of hitting his 700th career home run. His long and illustrious career came to a close in 1935, and he retired as the all-time leader in home runs.

Over his career, Babe Ruth hit a total of 714 home runs, a record that stood until Hank Aaron surpassed it in 1974. Despite his record being surpassed, Ruth's impact on the game of baseball and his enduring legacy as one of its most iconic figures have solidified his place in sports history. His achievements both on and off the field have made him a larger-than-life figure whose name remains synonymous with the greatness of baseball.

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