Who is the only driver to have won the World Championship with both Ferrari and McLaren?

The only driver to have won the Formula 1 World Championship with both Ferrari and McLaren is Niki Lauda. Lauda, an Austrian racing driver, achieved this remarkable feat during his illustrious career in the 1970s and 1980s.

Lauda first secured the World Championship title with Ferrari in 1975. Racing for Scuderia Ferrari, he showcased exceptional driving skills and consistency throughout the season. Lauda's technical expertise and strategic approach helped him win five races and accumulate enough points to claim his maiden championship. This victory made him the first Austrian Formula 1 World Champion.

After leaving Ferrari, Lauda had a brief retirement before making a comeback and joining McLaren in 1982. In 1984, he became the World Champion once again, this time with McLaren. Lauda's partnership with McLaren was highly successful, and he displayed his determination and resilience during the season. Despite fierce competition from teammate Alain Prost, Lauda's consistent performances and three race wins secured him the championship by a narrow margin of half a point. This made him the first and only driver to have won the World Championship with both Ferrari and McLaren at that time.

Lauda's achievements with both iconic teams showcased his versatility and skill as a driver. His ability to adapt to different cars and work effectively with different teams demonstrated his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Furthermore, his comeback and subsequent championship victory with McLaren in 1984 were particularly remarkable, highlighting his determination and sheer willpower.

Niki Lauda's legacy as a Formula 1 driver extends beyond his championship wins. His remarkable comeback, his rivalry with James Hunt, and his incredible resilience after a severe accident in 1976 have made him an iconic figure in the history of the sport. Lauda's achievements with both Ferrari and McLaren solidify his status as one of the all-time greats in Formula 1.

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