When Did Paul Lim Get a 9 Dart Finish Playing Darts?


Paul Lim achieved a historic 9-dart finish in professional darts on January 13, 1990. This remarkable feat occurred during the World Darts Championship held at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, England.

Lim, a Singaporean darts player, was competing against Irish player Jack McKenna in the first round of the championship. In the fifth set of the match, Lim delivered a flawless display of dart-throwing prowess, completing a perfect leg of 501 in just nine darts.

Lim's 9-dart finish was particularly noteworthy because it was the first-ever achieved in the history of the World Darts Championship. The crowd erupted with excitement as he hit the required combination of maximum scores.

The perfect leg began with Lim hitting two maximum 180 scores, followed by a maximum score of 177. This left him with just 147 points remaining. In the final sequence, he hit a treble 20 to reduce the score to 87, then achieved a treble 17 to bring it down to 54. Lim sealed the historic moment with a double 17, hitting the winning dart and completing the perfect leg.

Lim's achievement is remembered as a significant milestone in the world of darts. The 9-dart finish is the pinnacle of excellence in the sport, showcasing a player's skill, precision, and ability to handle pressure. Lim's accomplishment helped popularize the notion of achieving perfection in darts and has since been emulated by numerous players in various competitions around the globe.

To this day, Paul Lim's name is associated with the iconic moment when he etched his name in darting history with the first-ever 9-dart finish at the World Darts Championship in 1990. His achievement continues to inspire players and fans alike, symbolizing the thrill and excitement that darts can generate.

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