What's the story behind the most famous bowling rivalry in history?

The most famous bowling rivalry in history is undoubtedly the one between Earl Anthony and Don Carter during the 1960s and 1970s. Both bowlers were pioneers in the sport and elevated it to a new level of popularity..

Earl Anthony, known as the "Lefty," was a formidable force on the lanes. He was the first bowler to reach $1 million in career earnings and dominated the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour with his smooth, accurate style. Anthony's success attracted a massive following and inspired countless left-handed bowlers to pursue the sport.

On the other hand, Don Carter, nicknamed the "Gray Fox," was the epitome of style and class. He revolutionized the sport with his unique delivery, known as the "Carter Cranker," which showcased immense power and precision. Carter's charisma and good looks made him a media darling, bringing bowling into mainstream consciousness.

The rivalry between Anthony and Carter began to intensify in the 1960s as they regularly faced off in major tournaments. Their duels not only captivated avid bowlers but also drew the attention of the general public. Bowling became a must-watch sport on television, and both athletes became symbols of excellence and competition.

What's the story behind the most famous bowling rivalry in history?
The peak of their rivalry came during the 1970s when they faced each other in several championship matches. Each victory added to the animosity between them, creating a palpable tension that electrified audiences. Fans eagerly anticipated their encounters, and the media hyped up every matchup, portraying it as a battle between left-handed finesse and right-handed power.

Despite their fierce competition on the lanes, both Anthony and Carter respected each other's talent and sportsmanship. They acknowledged the impact they had on the sport, and their rivalry ultimately helped elevate bowling's status as a professional and highly respected sport.

As the 1970s came to a close, their rivalry began to mellow as both players aged and faced new challenges. However, their legacy remained intact, and their influence on bowling continued for generations to come. Earl Anthony and Don Carter not only left an indelible mark on the sport but also shaped the way people perceived and embraced bowling as a competitive and thrilling activity.

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