What is the name for the area of the dartboard between the 1 and 5 sections?

What is the name for the area of the dartboard between the 1 and 5 sections?
The area of the dartboard between the 1 and 5 sections is commonly referred to as the "20s" or "tops" area. This area consists of the sectors that surround the number 20 on the dartboard.

The dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections, starting with the number 1 and continuing in a clockwise direction up to the number 20. Each section represents a different point value, and players aim to score by landing their darts in these specific sections.

The 20 section is located at the top of the dartboard, directly opposite the number 5 section. The sections surrounding the 20 are known as the "20s" or "tops." This terminology is commonly used in casual and recreational play, as well as in professional darts.

The 20s area is significant in the game of darts because the number 20 is one of the high-scoring sections on the board. It is positioned strategically to maximize the potential for high scores. Skilled players often target the 20s area to achieve triple 20s, which are worth the highest points possible for a single dart throw (60 points per dart).

Additionally, the 20s area is often considered the "home" or "comfort zone" for experienced darts players. Since it is a frequently aimed at and familiar area of the board, players tend to develop precision and consistency when throwing in this region.

The 20s area is just one part of the dartboard, but it plays a crucial role in determining a player's overall score. Understanding the layout of the dartboard, including the sections between the numbers, is essential for players to effectively strategize their throws and aim for optimal scoring opportunities.

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