What are the four major governing bodies in professional boxing?

In professional boxing, there are four major governing bodies that have a significant influence on the sport and its championships. These organizations play a crucial role in sanctioning and regulating boxing matches around the world. The four major governing bodies in professional boxing are:

World Boxing Association (WBA): Founded in 1921, the WBA is one of the oldest and most prestigious boxing organizations. It is responsible for sanctioning fights and awarding WBA titles in various weight divisions. The WBA has regional offices in different parts of the world and is known for its multiple "super," "regular," and "interim" titles within each weight class.

World Boxing Council (WBC): Established in 1963, the WBC is recognized for its distinctive green and gold championship belt. It aims to maintain the safety, fairness, and integrity of professional boxing. The WBC has made significant contributions to the sport, including the creation of the World Boxing Council Diamond Championship, which represents the ultimate recognition for a boxer.

International Boxing Federation (IBF): The IBF was founded in 1983 and focuses on maintaining high standards for professional boxing. It sanctions fights and awards IBF titles in various weight divisions. The organization has gained recognition for its stringent rules, including mandatory title defenses and ranking systems designed to ensure fairness in determining challengers.

 World Boxing Organization (WBO): Established in 1988, the WBO is the youngest of the four major governing bodies. It gained recognition by the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2006. The WBO sanctions fights and awards WBO titles in different weight divisions. It has its own set of rankings and regulations and aims to promote the sport globally.

These four major governing bodies play a crucial role in the sport of professional boxing, overseeing championships, establishing rules and regulations, and ensuring fair competition. However, it is worth noting that due to the proliferation of boxing organizations, there are numerous other regional and international bodies that also sanction and recognize boxing championships.

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