What are the dimensions and specifications of a regulation table tennis table?

A regulation table tennis table, as specified by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), has very specific dimensions and specifications to ensure uniformity and fairness in the game. These requirements apply to both professional and recreational play.


Length: The table must be 2.74 meters long, which is equivalent to 9 feet.

Width: The width of the table is 1.525 meters, which is approximately 5 feet.

Height: The table's surface must be 76 centimeters (2 feet 6 inches) above the floor.


The playing surface of the table must be rectangular and flat, offering a consistent bounce to the ball during play. The playing surface is typically made of a high-density wooden board, often coated with a special finish to ensure proper ball response and durability.

Net and Posts:

The net divides the table into two halves and must be suspended over the center of the table's width.

The net must be 15.25 centimeters (6 inches) high, and the ends of the net must be directly above the sidelines.... 

The net should be attached to the table by posts on either side, and the posts must be positioned 15.25 centimeters (6 inches) outside the sidelines.


The playing surface of the table must be dark-colored, usually green or blue, to provide a good contrast with the white table tennis ball. 

The sideline and end line markings must be clearly visible and typically white.

Additional Specifications:

The table should have smooth edges and corners to ensure player safety during intense play.

The table legs must be sturdy and even to provide a stable playing surface.

What are the dimensions and specifications of a regulation table tennis table?
For professional competitions, the table must meet specific standards regarding its surface roughness and other playing characteristics.

It's crucial for players to practice on a table that adheres to these regulations, as playing on a non-standard table may affect their performance and muscle memory. Additionally, using the correct table dimensions and specifications allows players to develop their skills more effectively and prepares them for competitive play at any level.

Whether in professional tournaments, local clubs, schools, or homes, a regulation table tennis table ensures that players can enjoy the game to its fullest while maintaining a fair and consistent playing environment.

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