How many weight divisions are there in professional boxing?

How many weight divisions are there in professional boxing?
Professional boxing is organized into a system of weight divisions, which serve to provide fair and competitive matchups based on boxers' weights. The number of weight divisions in professional boxing can vary depending on different governing bodies and organizations. However, a common and widely recognized breakdown includes a total of 17 weight divisions.

The traditional weight divisions in professional boxing range from the lower weight classes, where boxers are generally smaller and lighter, to the higher weight classes, where boxers tend to be larger and heavier. Each weight division has its own specific weight range, allowing boxers to compete against opponents who are similar in size, strength, and physical attributes.... 

The following is a typical breakdown of the weight divisions in professional boxing:

Minimumweight (105 pounds or 47.6 kilograms) 
Light Flyweight (108 pounds or 49 kilograms) 
Flyweight (112 pounds or 50.8 kilograms) 
Super Flyweight (115 pounds or 52.2 kilograms) 
Bantamweight (118 pounds or 53.5 kilograms) 
Super Bantamweight (122 pounds or 55.3 kilograms) 
Featherweight (126 pounds or 57.2 kilograms) 
Super Featherweight (130 pounds or 58.9 kilograms)
Lightweight (135 pounds or 61.2 kilograms) 
Super Lightweight (140 pounds or 63.5 kilograms) 
Welterweight (147 pounds or 66.7 kilograms) 
Super Welterweight (154 pounds or 69.9 kilograms) 
Middleweight (160 pounds or 72.6 kilograms) 
Super Middleweight (168 pounds or 76.2 kilograms) 
Light Heavyweight (175 pounds or 79.4 kilograms) 
Cruiserweight (200 pounds or 90.7 kilograms) 
Heavyweight (no weight limit)

It's worth noting that the number and names of weight divisions can vary slightly across different sanctioning bodies and regional organizations. For example, some organizations may have "Junior" or "Interim" versions of certain weight divisions. However, the aforementioned weight divisions provide a general overview of the divisions commonly recognized in professional boxing.

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