Have any famous athletes or celebrities been avid bowlers?

Yes, several famous athletes and celebrities have been avid bowlers, showcasing their love for the sport both on and off the lanes. Bowling's appeal to people from all walks of life has attracted many well-known personalities who enjoy the recreational and competitive aspects of the game.

Bill Murray: The acclaimed actor and comedian, Bill Murray, is known for his passion for bowling. He participated in several celebrity bowling events and even starred in the bowling-centric comedy film "Kingpin" (1996).

Chris Paul: Chris Paul, the NBA star and point guard for the Phoenix Suns, is an avid bowler and has been spotted participating in various charity bowling events. He even co-hosted the "Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational" tournament, which featured fellow athletes and celebrities.

Mookie Betts: The professional baseball player and Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Mookie Betts, is not only talented on the baseball field but also on the bowling lanes. He has bowled multiple perfect games and has been an ambassador for the sport.

Jerome Bettis: Known as "The Bus" during his NFL career, former running back Jerome Bettis has been an avid bowler and has been involved in promoting the sport. He has hosted charity bowling events and even has a bowling-themed restaurant in Pittsburgh.

DJ Quik: The rapper and producer DJ Quik is not only skilled in the music industry but also on the bowling lanes. He has participated in various celebrity bowling tournaments and has shown his support for the sport.

Have any famous athletes or celebrities been avid bowlers?
Jason Belmonte: Australian professional ten-pin bowler Jason Belmonte has achieved celebrity status within the bowling community due to his exceptional talent and revolutionary two-handed bowling style. He has won numerous PBA Tour titles and has popularized the two-handed approach worldwide.

Lea Michele: The actress and singer, known for her role in the TV series "Glee," is an avid bowler and has participated in charity bowling events.

These are just a few examples of celebrities and athletes who have embraced bowling and helped promote the sport's popularity. Their involvement not only adds to the appeal of bowling but also showcases how it can be a recreational activity enjoyed by people from all backgrounds, regardless of their profession or status.

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