A Perfect Moment: The First Player to Achieve a Televised 9-Dart Finish

A Perfect Moment: The First Player to Achieve a Televised 9-Dart Finish

In the world of darts, achieving a 9-dart finish is considered the pinnacle of excellence—a perfect leg that requires precision, skill, and nerves of steel. The first player to achieve this remarkable feat on live television carved their name into darting history. In this article, we will explore the remarkable journey of the first player to score a televised 9-dart finish, a moment that ignited the imagination of darts fans worldwide.

The Pioneer: John Lowe

John Lowe, a legendary figure in the world of darts, etched his name in the annals of the sport on October 13, 1984, during the World Matchplay tournament in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Lowe, known for his calm demeanor and exceptional accuracy, stepped up to the oche and delivered an extraordinary performance.

The Perfect Leg

During his match against Keith Deller, Lowe produced a display of unrivaled precision and focus. He kicked off the leg by hitting back-to-back maximum scores, scoring 180 with each of his first three darts, leaving himself with 141 points to finish the leg.

Undeterred by the pressure and fueled by adrenaline, Lowe continued his flawless performance. With his first dart, he hit a treble 20, followed by a treble 19 with his second. With the final dart, Lowe achieved the ultimate goal, hitting double 12 to complete the 9-dart finish.

The Impact

Lowe's televised 9-dart finish captivated audiences around the world and forever changed the perception of what was possible on the dartboard. The achievement showcased the extraordinary level of skill possessed by professional darts players and brought the sport into the mainstream consciousness.

The Legacy

Since Lowe's groundbreaking moment, numerous players have achieved the elusive 9-dart finish on televised tournaments. The accomplishment remains a rare and highly celebrated feat, a testament to the incredible talent and precision required to achieve perfection in the game of darts.


John Lowe's achievement as the first player to score a televised 9-dart finish left an indelible mark on the history of darts. His flawless performance during the World Matchplay tournament in 1984 set the standard for excellence and showcased the immense skill possessed by top-level darts players. The 9-dart finish remains a holy grail in the sport, captivating audiences and inspiring players to strive for perfection with each throw of the dart. As the legacy of Lowe's accomplishment lives on, the pursuit of the perfect leg continues to captivate the hearts and minds of darts enthusiasts worldwide.

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